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My name is Sinclair. I am currently in recovery. I am coffee, books, vegetarian, candy, disney movies, vintage and grunge fashions, writer, lover, friend, bike-rider, dancer, girly things, tomboy, me. Here's: ABOUT ME, MY PICS, and MY EATS

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They call me coffee cuz I grind so fine

They call me coffee I keep you up past 2 am

They call me coffee because I’m really bitter and most people don’t like me without changing some aspect of what I am


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Chattiest (via chattiest)

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by justin waldron 
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repeat after me: 

  • virginity is a social construct 
  • you don’t lose your virginity 
  • there’s nothing valuable or precious about virginity, it’s an imaginary concept 
  • virginity is inherently heterocentric 
  • your worth is not defined by whether or not you’ve had a dick inside you
  • what you define as sex is up to you, you get to decide how many people you’ve had sex with 
  • the end 
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♠ inspiration x pastel x fresh ♠
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